Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner? [infographic]

Posted On: Jun 28, 2019 | Love Simply Weddings

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You might expect us to say “yup, you definitely need a wedding planner”, but that’s not us. Follow this infographic to determine you’re a wedding planner gal or a DIY diva.

Since we are a wedding planning business, you might expect us to say “yup, you definitely need a wedding planner and we’re the best in the business, so you should choose us, because your wedding will be a disaster without LoveSimply… blah, blah, blah.” But that’s not us.

We’ve planned AND PAID for our own weddings, so we’re not about to feed you some line of crap about needing a wedding planner. Yes, there are some couples that benefit from having a wedding planner. It can be a great way to lighten the load. However, there are plenty of brides that can figure it out on their own. Here’s how to determine if you really need a wedding planner.

You may want to consider a wedding planner if:


1. You’re easily stressed out by making decisions

There ain’t no shame in the game sister. If you are the kind that stressed about making decisions, then you might want a wedding planner. A wedding planner knows what decisions need to be made first and which can wait. They can help you determine what is a priority and what can be pushed off. A good wedding planner helps break the wedding into small bites so that you don’t become overwhelmed. And warning: Stay away from wedding planners that are pushy and overbearing. They’ll try to push you into a cookie cutter mold. Pick someone that you have chemistry with; you’re going to spend a lot of time with them, so you want to get along well. Otherwise, they’ll be the cause of all your stress!


2. You don’t have many people to help you

This is a big reason to hire a wedding planner. Some couples have gobs of friends and family that will help them plan their weddings. Others have a few select people to assist them. And still others don’t want to ask friends/family for help. If you identify with any of these, a wedding planner is extremely beneficial for you. A great wedding planner has an extensive network of people that want to help make your day perfect. They also know how to organize, delegate, and instruct vendors and venues to accomplish everything you’re dreaming of. And what’s more, their being paid to do your bidding, so you should hear any complaints from them (unlike you’re little brother who will complain about tying ribbons on jars of candy.. Oh and probably eat most of it too).


3. You’re really busy

Hollar at my working girls. If you’re slaying it in the corporate world or slaying it at home (yes, my work from home and stay at home moms – I see you), you have your hands full. And your plate full. And your purse full. Weddings take a ton of time and attention. If you’re already packing your day to capacity, think about hiring a wedding planner to lighten the load. You’ll still have all the decision making power, but you don’t have to bother with things like gathering multiple quotes from vendors, managing the payment schedule, and organizing cake tastings. You just showup and say “yes” or “no”. 


4. You’re a procrastinator

Wait…what? Hey, it’s ok if you prefer to have fun and not think about the details until the last minute. Many procrastinators do their best results under pressure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to plan a wedding last minute. Vendors are booked out months in advance and you don’t want to be freaking out two weeks before your wedding because you can’t find a good photographer. A wedding planner can act like that really organized best friend that helps you get everything done while you scroll Pinterest for the best bachelorette party ideas. 


5. You’re planning a destination wedding

Don’t want to get married in your hometown? Or maybe you do but you live out-of-state? It’s difficult to fly back and forth, make phone calls to different time zones, and connect with vendors that far from you. Think about using a wedding planner as your boots on the ground. A great wedding planner should get to know you well enough that they anticipate your desires and negotiate on your behalf. That way, when you do need to fly in, you accomplish in a week what would take a DIY bride four weeks. 


You probably don’t need a wedding planner if:

1. You’re organized

Ok, you’re planning an event for 100+ people and you’re the star of the show. Organization is a critical tool for planning a wedding. You’ll have contracts, contacts, travel arrangements, payment information, etc. You can’t always count on vendors, or family to know what they’ve committed to, so you have to keep all the details together as well as the people moving in the right direction. You’re like a general moving the troops towards the battlefield. (The dance battlefield… Ba dum ching).  It can be a very overwhelming process, but fun if you’re organizationally wired. 


Tip: buy a wedding planning book – it’s worth the $35!


2. You have people to help you

Like we said earlier, you’re planning a party for 100+. You’re going to need help. Here’s our recommendations for the number of people you’ll need to help. 

3. You like being in charge

OK, let us clarify what we mean by “being in charge”. All brides are in charge of their wedding from a “pick and choose” standpoint. By that we mean you pick and choose what you like and what you don’t like; flowers, dress, colors, bridal party, etc. However, a bride that is “in charge” of the wedding planning is responsible for the organization of people as well. You’ll need to set clear expectations for where people need to be and when, what they need to bring, and what they should wear (even if it’s “please don’t wear white or puke green, that’s still an expectation). 

4. You can keep a cool head

This is most important. Emotions run high during weddings. Parents can freak out, sisters act weird, grandmas get real opinionated. You’ll need to be able to keep your cool and deal with all of these people or have a fiance who can. Even if you love the details and the organization, you might consider hiring a wedding coordinator to take over on the day of. Afterall, you’ve spend so much time planning the wedding, you’d probably like to enjoy all of your hard work. 


If can be overwhelming when you look at all of the details you need to figure out. And even more overwhelming when people start offering opinions on how they think it should go. But you can handle this girl!! Whether you go the wedding planner route or you tackle it on your on, you’ve got this. And at the end of all the crazy, you will be married to the love of your life. If you need anything, let’s us know. We’re here to help make your dreams come true at LoveSimply. 


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